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Paul Mackerras 58e799b350 predecode: Add more comments to row_predecode_rom and insn_code values
This adds comments to row_predecode_rom to aid understanding how the
columns in the second half of the table are allocated to different
primary opcodes, and to the insn_code values to assist in locating the
code with a given numeric value.  No code change.

Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>
2 years ago
Paul Mackerras 30f6574135 predecode: Work around apparent yosys/nextpnr bug
This rearranges the synchronous process here to avoid setting fields
of pred(i) to zero or INSN_illegal when valid_in is '0'.
Experimentally, on ECP5 this acts like an asynchronous reset rather
than a synchronous reset.

Instead, handle possible indeterminate input for simulation by making
the maj_predecode and row_predecode fields of predec_t be unsigned
rather than insn_code (an enumerated type), and setting them to X when
the input word is indeterminate.

Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>
2 years ago
Paul Mackerras 21ab36a0c0 Pre-decode instructions when writing them to icache
This splits out the decoding done in the decode0 step into a separate
predecoder, used when writing instructions into the icache.  The
icache now holds 36 bits per instruction rather than 32.  For valid
instructions, those 36 bits comprise the bottom 26 bits of the
instruction word, a 9-bit insn_code value (which uniquely identifies
the instruction), and a zero in the MSB.  For illegal instructions,
the MSB is one and the full instruction word is in the bottom 32 bits.
Having the full instruction word available for illegal instructions
means that it can be printed in the log when simulating, or in future
could be placed in the HEIR register.

If we don't have an FPU, then the floating-point instructions are
regarded as illegal.  In that case, the insn_code values would fit
into 8 bits, which could be used in future to reduce the size of
decode_rom from 512 to 256 entries.

Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>
2 years ago