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Steering Committee 2021-03-13 false

The Steering Committee (TSC) of OpenPOWER is composed of the chair of each OpenPOWER Work Group as well as a delegate from each of its Platinum Members. Each member of the OpenPOWER TSC shall serve for a two-year term. The operation of the TSC is governed by rules of process approved by the Board and led by an elected TSC chairman.

Responsibilities of the TSC include:

  • Recommending the charter of new Work Groups to the Board; including scope of work and confidentiality level
  • Resolving technical conflicts within and between Work Groups
  • Evaluating requests for inter-project collaboration and recommending the chartering of new Work Groups to facilitate such collaboration
  • Monitoring the technical progress of Work groups
  • Approving OpenPOWER Standards Final Deliverables
  • Establishing OpenPOWER Standards Final Deliverable quality standards, technical best practices and release dates
  • Approving changes by Work Groups to OSS Communities and OSS Licenses in the Work Group's charter, and under section 3.5 of the Intellectual Property Rights Policy
  • Regularly reporting on progress of Work Groups to the Board