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Sameer Shende sameershende-200.jpg universityoforegon 2021-03-03 false

Sameer Shende serves as the lead developer of the TAU Performance System, Program Database Toolkit (PDT), HPCLinux, and Extreme-Scale Scientific Software Stack ( His research interests include performance instrumentation, measurement, and analysis tools for HPC. He has extensive experience working on the OpenPOWER platform. He has recently been appointed the Level 4 lead for the Exascale Computing Project (ECP), Programming Models and Runtime (PMR) SDK area at the University of Oregon where he is leading the effort to provide ECP Software Technology (ST) products in a container environment for HPC. He has served as the the chair of the Performance Measurement, Modeling, and Tools track at SC17 and the co-chair for the technical program at the ICPP 2017 conferences.