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Mendy Furmanek is the IBM Director of OpenPOWER Processor Enablement where she drives IBM partnerships in chip development as well as OpenCAPI partner enablement. Mendy received a BSEE with a double major in Electrical/Computer Engineering and Computer Science from Duke University in 2001. She also studied at the University of Madrid for her Spanish degree and the University of Queensland as part of her BSEE. She first joined IBM in 2000 as a design and verification intern on POWER4 and has been part of the IBM processor development team ever since. Mendy's expertise is in pre-silicon verification and led the development of a premier multi-hundred global verification team responsible for POWER, Z, and IBM System ASICs. While focused in verification she has experience across all aspects of chip development. She managed the overall delivery of POWER8 and then moved to her current executive role in OpenPOWER at the end of 2015. Concurrently with becoming President of the OpenPOWER Foundation in 2019 Mendy led the opening of the POWER Instruction Set Architecture (ISA). Mendy has a passion for the open hardware movement and is excited about the opportunities it presents for the industry.