OpenPOWER Foundation General Information & Repository Listing
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OpenPOWER Foundation - OpenPOWER General Information

The OpenPOWER Foundation is a collaboration around Power ISA-based community.
The goal is to enable the ecosystem to build computing solutions with their own customization.

The Foundation is a non-profit serving its member entities and the open developer community for the POWER architecture.
The OpenPOWER Foundation also releases Documentation, Specifications, References on the POWER Architecture.

The main git repositories are hosted on running Open Source Technology on POWER based hardware.
We maintain public repository mirrors with GitHub, and GitLab for user convenience, however some repositories may only exists on OPF Git.

For members, please use your OPF Passport to log into
For non-members, you can interact through GitHub, GitLab, or OPF Git, using your existing credentials.

Non-Mirrored Repository List

Mirrored Repository List



Core BoF


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