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Meeting Minutes 2022-10-13 2022-10-13

Call to order

Anti-trust reminder

This is a reminder that all OpenPOWER Foundation activities are subject to strict compliance with the OpenPOWER Foundations Antitrust Guidelines. Each individual participant and attendee at this meeting is responsible for knowing the contents of the Antitrust Guidelines, and for complying with the Antitrust Guidelines. Copies of the Antitrust Guidelines are available at : HERE


Agenda points

  1. AC922 Testing Status

    • The machines are ready for testing once the OPF Portal is integrated with OSU environment.
    • Max to briefly test the auto-created GPU images that Lance generated.
  2. OpenShift

    • OpenShift entitlements are in Chris's account and good until 2023-06-29.
    • Max was able to get a x86 test install up and running, with the necessary dual network topology (hooray!)
    • Max has started on the POWER install.
    • Max has access to Fabrice's cluster for comparison, if needed.
    • Network diagram is available in NextCloud for review.
    • Domain name possibility
  3. OFP Form and RT Integration - HIGH PRIORITY

    • The OPF portal is still not ready to be integrated with OSU.
    • Lance has everything ready on the OSL end.
    • Tooshan will be working on the OPF end, and assisting with the OSL end.
      • Tooshan can send an email to to auto-generate an account for Lance to elevate.
    • Testing to start next week.

    • Looks like 8AM PDT is still the best time for most people.
      • Long term it will need to change due to scheduling conflicts with LibreBMC.
    • Target for the first call is rolled to 2022-10-27.
      • Lance to send out a reminder.
  5. Super Computing '22

    • SC22 is still Nov 13-18, 2022 @
    • It is desired that the OPF HUB SIG WG drive our presence and content for this conference.
    • OPF has opportunity to be at the OpenPOWER booth.
      • Working with James on getting expo presenter tickets.
      • Max and/or Chris can present or demo the HUB.
      • Need dedicated presentation/demo device, which may need special access (MAC address).
      • Option needed to make the demo easily accessible afterwards (video, blog, etc.)
    • This target also emphasizes the importance of completing the OPF Portal integration with OSU as soon as practical, as we will need time for testing, etc..

Next meeting

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