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Toshaan Bharvani b7d2468c65 rename file and rework layout
* rename file to avoid collision with member file
* rework markdown text to have better layout
* correction in date, publication date set to 2022-04-06
* correction in tags having a special character is not permitted
* remove all non markdown characters
* correction in markdown links

Signed-off-by: Toshaan Bharvani <>
2 years ago
assets/images Upload files to 'assets/images/members' 2 years ago
config minify all content 2 years ago
content rename file and rework layout 2 years ago
data update 404 page and add suggested button 2 years ago
static add libera irc check 3 years ago
themes/openpowerfoundation add openpower-logo small logo as overlay 2 years ago
.gitignore add hugo stat json file to ignore 2 years ago
Makefile remove clean to avoid 404 while building 2 years ago