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## Cells needed for the Skywater test site
We need to produce the necessary
* Schematic
* Layout
* Logic and timing models for
### Low level cells
1) 10T SRAM
a. WWL, RWL0, , RWL1
b. (WBL WBL_B), RBL0, RBL1
2) Local eval (NAND2 with 2 precharged inputs)
a. PC_Left, PC_Right, In_Left, In_Right -> Q (output)
3) LSDL state-holding latch (Latch with 2 dynamic inputs forming an 'Or')
a. In_Left, In_Right, CLK -> Q (output)
### Mid level cell
Partially decode 2R1W 64Rx24 bit array). (Includes early/late output latch)
1) Clock*A0,Clock*~A0
2) ~A1*~A2,~A1,*~A2, A1*~A2,A1*~A2,
3) A3 ,~A3
4) ~A4*~A5,~A4,*~A5, A14*~A5,A4*~A5,
5) DataIn0..DI23
6) Early and late Clock for LSDL state holding latch.
1) DataOut00..DO023
2) DO10..DO123
3) DO20..DO223
4) DO30..DO323