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# POWER-FV Assertion-based formal verification library for OpenPOWER processors
2 years ago
## Disclaimer
**This project is currently in an experimental state.** In particular:
2 years ago
- it has only been tried on the Microwatt CPU
- it assumes an in-order scalar core
- its instruction coverage is limited to the Scalar Fixed-point Compliancy Subset
- the correctness of its own specifications hasn't yet been verified
2 years ago
## Overview
POWER-FV is a formal verification library that can be used to check the compliance of a processor with the OpenPOWER ISA. It provides an interface to trace the execution of a processor, which is monitored by a testbench and compared against a given specification.
Testbenches and behavioral models are implemented in Python using [Amaranth HDL](, and [SymbiYosys]( for its formal verification flow. Processor cores may use any HDL supported by Yosys.
POWER-FV's design is heavily inspired by the [riscv-formal]( framework, developed by Claire Wolf (YosysHQ).
## Prerequisites
- Python 3.8+
- [Yosys](
- [SymbiYosys (sby)](
2 years ago
If VHDL support is needed:
- [GHDL](
- [ghdl-yosys-plugin](
The [OSS CAD Suite]( can provide pre-built binaries of these tools.
## Installation
pip3 install poetry --user
poetry install
2 years ago
## Examples
See the `cores` folder for usage examples.