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Michael Neuling 24d04ed8f9 Fix litedram wrapper build warnings and metavalues
This fixes a couple of build warnings in litedram-wrapper-l2.vhdl

litedram/extras/litedram-wrapper-l2.vhdl:552:17⚠️ declaration of "i" hides constant "i" [-Whide]
            for i in 0 to ROW_SIZE-1 loop
litedram/extras/litedram-wrapper-l2.vhdl:1129:9⚠️ declaration of "litedram_trace" hides generic "litedram_trace" [-Whide]
        litedram_trace: litedram_trace_stub;

It also cleans up the runtime metavalue warnings

Signed-off-by: Michael Neuling <>
2 years ago
extras Fix litedram wrapper build warnings and metavalues 2 years ago
gen-src litedram: MIGEN_GIT_SHA1 no longer defined 2 years ago
generated litedram: Regenerate 2 years ago
litedram.core litedram: Add basic support for LiteX LiteDRAM 4 years ago