Fix litedram wrapper build warnings and metavalues

This fixes a couple of build warnings in litedram-wrapper-l2.vhdl

litedram/extras/litedram-wrapper-l2.vhdl:552:17⚠️ declaration of "i" hides constant "i" [-Whide]
            for i in 0 to ROW_SIZE-1 loop
litedram/extras/litedram-wrapper-l2.vhdl:1129:9⚠️ declaration of "litedram_trace" hides generic "litedram_trace" [-Whide]
        litedram_trace: litedram_trace_stub;

It also cleans up the runtime metavalue warnings

Signed-off-by: Michael Neuling <>
Michael Neuling 2 years ago
parent 047f739b58
commit 24d04ed8f9

@ -549,8 +549,8 @@ begin
-- Mask write selects with do_write since BRAM doesn't always
-- have a global write-enable (Vivado generates TDP instead
-- of SDP when using one, thus doubling cache BRAM usage).
for i in 0 to ROW_SIZE-1 loop
wr_sel_m(i) <= wr_sel(i) and do_write;
for j in 0 to ROW_SIZE-1 loop
wr_sel_m(j) <= wr_sel(j) and do_write;
end loop;

if TRACE and rising_edge(system_clk) then
@ -796,7 +796,9 @@ begin
-- Store signals (hard wired for 64-bit wishbone at the moment)
req_wsl <= wb_req.adr(WB_WSEL_BITS-1 downto 0);
for i in 0 to WB_WORD_COUNT-1 loop
if to_integer(unsigned(req_wsl)) = i then
if is_X(req_wsl) then
req_we(WBSL*(i+1)-1 downto WBSL*i) <= x"XX";
elsif to_integer(unsigned(req_wsl)) = i then
req_we(WBSL*(i+1)-1 downto WBSL*i) <= wb_req.sel;
req_we(WBSL*(i+1)-1 downto WBSL*i) <= x"00";
@ -916,7 +918,9 @@ begin
stq_sel := storeq_rd_data(WBSL+WB_WSEL_BITS-1 downto WB_WSEL_BITS);
stq_wsl := storeq_rd_data(WB_WSEL_BITS-1 downto 0);
for i in 0 to WB_WORD_COUNT-1 loop
if to_integer(unsigned(stq_wsl)) = i then
if is_X(stq_wsl) then
user_port0_wdata_we(WBSL*(i+1)-1 downto WBSL*i) <= x"XX";
elsif to_integer(unsigned(stq_wsl)) = i then
user_port0_wdata_we(WBSL*(i+1)-1 downto WBSL*i) <= stq_sel;
user_port0_wdata_we(WBSL*(i+1)-1 downto WBSL*i) <= x"00";
@ -1122,7 +1126,7 @@ begin
component litedram_trace_stub
end component;
litedram_trace: litedram_trace_stub;
litedram_trace_s: litedram_trace_stub;
end generate;
litedram: litedram_core