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Paul Mackerras 18120f153d MMU: Implement a vestigial partition table
This implements a 1-entry partition table, so that instead of getting
the process table base address from the PRTBL SPR, the MMU now reads
the doubleword pointed to by the PTCR register plus 8 to get the
process table base address.  The partition table entry is cached.

Having the PTCR and the vestigial partition table reduces the amount
of software change required in Linux for Microwatt support.

Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>
3 years ago
Makefile tests: Add a test for the MMU radix page table walks 4 years ago
head.S tests/mmu: Add a test for dcbz with translation on 4 years ago
mmu.c MMU: Implement a vestigial partition table 3 years ago tests: mmu: Add tests for instruction translation 4 years ago