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Paul Mackerras 856e9e955f core: Add framework for an FPU
This adds the skeleton of a floating-point unit and implements the
mffs and mtfsf instructions.

Execute1 sends FP instructions to the FPU and receives busy,
exception, FP interrupt and illegal interrupt signals from it.

Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>
4 years ago
fmt_log core: Add framework for an FPU 4 years ago
mw_debug Add core logging 4 years ago bin2hex: Make sure to generate little endian files 4 years ago uart: Rename sim_uart.vhdl to sim_pp_uart.vhdl 4 years ago icache_tb: Improve test and include test file 5 years ago Dump CTR, LR and CR on sim termination, and update our tests 5 years ago Add test cases for new exceptions and supervisor state 4 years ago Update micropython 4 years ago Update micropython 4 years ago
vhdltags Add VHDL TAGS 4 years ago