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Anton Blanchard 2663326f2c ASIC: Register file updates
The register file is down from 96 entries to 64, and reads
are synchronous.

Signed-off-by: Anton Blanchard <>
1 year ago
behavioural ASIC: Register file updates 1 year ago
cache_ram.vhdl Add arrays for ASIC flow 1 year ago
main_bram.vhdl Move register stage back after the RAM 1 year ago
microwatt_asic-verilator.cpp Add ASIC target 1 year ago
multiply.vhdl ASIC: Reduce multiplier from 4 to 2 cycles 1 year ago
register_file.vhdl ASIC: Register file updates 1 year ago
top-asic.vhdl Add simplebus 1 year ago