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Paul Mackerras e02d8060ed Change the multiplier interface to support signed multipliers
This adds an 'is_signed' signal to MultiplyInputType to indicate
whether the data1 and data2 fields are to be interpreted as signed or
unsigned numbers.

The 'not_result' field is replaced by a 'subtract' field which
provides a more intuitive interface for requesting that the product be
subtracted from the addend rather than added, i.e. subtract = 1 gives
C - A * B, vs. subtract = 0 giving C + A * B.  (Previously the users
of the multipliers got the same effect by complementing the addend and
setting not_result = 1.)

The is_32bit field is removed because it is no longer used now that we
have a separate 32-bit multiplier.

Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>
2 years ago
Paul Mackerras 595a758400 execute1: Add a pipelined 33-bit signed multiplier
This adds a pipelined 33-bit by 33-bit signed multiplier with one
cycle latency to the execute pipeline, and uses it for the mullw,
mulhw and mulhwu instructions.  Because it has one cycle of latency we
can assume that its result is available in the second execute stage
without needing to add busy logic to the second stage.

This adds both a generic version of the multiplier and a
Xilinx-specific version using four DSP slices of the Artix-7.

Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <>
2 years ago