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Matt Johnston 5a3cdc8b22 litedram: disable block_until_ready, regenerate
Recent litedram gets stuck at memtest unless block_until_ready=False.
(discussion in

This change regenerates with latest litedram and litex
62abf9c ("litedram_gen: Add block_until_ready port parameter to control blocking behaviour.")
add2746a ("tools/litex_cli: Rename wb to bus.")

Signed-off-by: Matt Johnston <>
2 years ago
Anton Blanchard ac546a3024 litedram: Update yaml files
Update the litedram yaml files based on latest upstream.

Signed-off-by: Anton Blanchard <>
3 years ago
Benjamin Herrenschmidt dbb137437c acorn: Add support for the Acorn CLE 215+
This is a NiteFury based PCIe M2 form-factor board originally
used for mining. It contains a speed grade 2 Artix 7 200T,
1GB of DDR3 and 32MB of flash.

The serial port is routed to pin 2 (RX) and 3 (TX) of the P2
connector (pin 1 is GND).

Note: Only 16MB of flash is currently usable until code is added
to configure the flash controller to use 4-bytes address commands
on that part.

Signed-off-by: Benjamin Herrenschmidt <>
4 years ago