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This repository contains curriculum materials for a computer architecture class based on the Hennessy & Patterson textbook entitled “Computer Architecture: A Quantitative Approach” and extended to the POWER instruction set architecture (ISA). POWER is an acronym for Performance Optimization With Enhanced RISC.

The structure of the repository is noted below.

• Lecture Slides

o	Chapter 1: Introduction

o	Chapter 2: Memory Hierarchy

o	Chapter 3: Instruction-Level Parallelism

o	Chapter 4: Data-Level Parallelism 

o	Chapter 5: Thread-Level Parallelism

• Resources

o	GEM5 for POWER

o	Microwatt for POWER

o	Forums

  *	GEM5

  *	Microwatt

o	Tutorials

  *	GEM5

  *	Microwatt

• Exercises

Link to other resouces:

Link to the Open Power Foundation compute Hubs where compute resources are available for classroom use: