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title: "OpenPOWER Academic BoF Workshop"
from: 2022-11-12
eventplace: "Dallas, Texas, USA"
eventplace: "Hotel Adolphus, Dallas, Texas, USA"
register: https://registration.openpower.foundation/academic/ADGSC22/
schedule: https://cfp.openpower.foundation/sc22openpoweradgworkshop/schedule/
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Distinguished academic experts and industry leaders will speak and present on AI, HPC and Cloud topics, including,
current problems and technical challenges in their areas of research.

This event will take place at the __Hotel Adolphus__, located on 1321 Commerce St, Dallas, TX.

This workshop will foster open collaboration between industry and academia, led by the OpenPOWER foundation.
The OpenPOWER partners, such as IBM and others, will address current challenges and problems in Open Chip Design, AI, HPC and Cloud.