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title: The OpenPOWER HUB
author: Maximillian Schmidt
- openpower
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date: 2023-04-13
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## The OpenPOWER HUB - An open, collaborative community enabling OpenPOWER


Centered around testing, development, and hardware integration on OpenPOWER hardware, the [OpenPOWER Foundation HUB]( (OPF HUB) is the place to begin or continue your next software project, whatever it may be. The OPF HUB resources are free to use, open, setup, reconfigurable, numerous, and backed by a dedicated HUB Special Integration Group. The HUB is a collaborative effort between the [OpenPOWER Foundation](, Oregon State University [Center for Quantitive Life Sciences]( (CQLS), Oregon State University [Open Source Lab]( (OSUOSL), [University of Oregon](, [VanTosh]( and [Raptor Computing]( Together with other OpenPOWER Foundation members, we form the [HUB Special Integration Group]( (SIG), a group tasked solely with supporting and enabling others in starting on or porting projects to the POWER architecture and OpenPOWER platform.

The OPF HUB is a community and idea centered around a diverse set of people, platforms, and OpenPOWER hardware. It is a worldwide collection of users, providers, and SIG members; host to a diverse range of software, development stacks, operating systems, etc.; and of course, an ample collection of bleeding\-edge high performance computing (HPC) hardware, open for anyone to use and collaborate upon. The OPF HUB is not composed of the same hardware as the average cloud provider, because most clouds do not provide high end hardware like **OpenPOWER**. The systems that make up the OPF HUB are the same type of systems that went into the [Oak Ridge National Laboratory's 200 petaflop Summit supercomputer]( The OPF HUB is also a community of people collaboratively engaging one another to develop, troubleshoot, plan, and push forward their own projects, as well as the OpenPOWER platform and idea.

The OPF HUB provided at OSU OSL includes access to bare metal machines, virtual machines (VMs), and Containers plus their orchestration/management. Users can interact with an OpenStack environment as well as Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. All the OPF HUB hardware cannot easily be made ready to support everyone's next project without labor to manage, maintain, and make those resources readily available. We take pride in being able to provide the hardware resources for use, and have dedicated faculty researchers through the CQLS to help users access and make use of the OPF HUB.

The OpenPOWER HUB is an ever-changing resource that will continue to be upgraded with innovative technologies as they become available and meaningful to the world of HPC. Users and groups are invited to go to the main “[OpenPOWER HUB](” website and find a provider to get free access to hardware resources and information. If you have questions about developing on the platform before or after you start your project, we invite you to join the [Power Developer eXchange community]( to get support, exchange ideas, share experiences, and collaborate with Power experts and fellow developers.