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title: Parallelware Trainer
vendor: Appentra
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image: parallelwaretrainer.png
- software
- training
- programming
date: 2017-10-26
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Parallelware Trainer is an interactive training tool designed to facilitate the learning, usage, and implementation of parallel programming.
It provides an integrated development environment (IDE) that gives users targeted advice on sections of code that can be successfully parallelized,
along with the ability to test the performance improvements of particular parallel implementations.

By quickly and efficiently identifying areas for possible parallelism this tool is not only useful for those learning about parallel programming,
but also to aid more experienced developers as the Trainer increases the speed of understanding the software and testing possible parallelism methods.
The power of modern heterogeneous hardware including multi-core CPUs and GPUs can be exploited through different paradigms,
such as multi-threading or tasking, and using standards such as OpenMP or OpenACC.

Furthermore, Parallelware Trainer looks for defects in your code as well as potential issues related to parallelism,
reporting recommendations on how to fix them right from the integrated code editor.