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title: Solid Silicon Joins OpenPOWER Foundation
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date: 2024-06-13
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Today, we are pleased to announce that Solid Silicon, a fabless semiconductor company based in Colorado, US, has joined the OpenPOWER Foundation as a Platinum member.

The OpenPOWER Foundation is committed to an open, community-driven technology development process, which is critical to the continued growth of open collaboration around the POWER architecture.

"_OpenPOWER Foundation is pleased to welcome Solid Silicon to the foundation and our community, and look forward to our collaboration in community-driven open development that broadens customer computing choice_", said [James Kulina](, Executive Director, OpenPOWER Foundation.

Solid Silicon Corporation is developing open source software and secure chip designs based on standardized, self-sovereign, future-proof silicon, to give developers the ability to own, control, and trust their computing devices down to the silicon.

Solid Silicon is [developing]( two new silicon devices based on the OpenPOWER ISA. The first application is the X-class chip line, which target Edge/IoT applications, while the second line, the S-class, targets Data Center applications. Both chip lines will adopt the latest POWER ISA 3.1 specifications and open up entirely new product capabilities within the OpenPOWER ecosystem.

"_Solid Silicon's OpenPOWER CPUs are built on and fully comply with the open, standardized, POWER ISA administered by the OpenPOWER Foundation. This commitment to open standards ensures that our customers benefit from the latest advancements in processor technology, while also providing the transparency and security that comes from an open and unified software ecosystem. In our view, the vendor neutral approach to ISA standardization that the OpenPOWER Foundation provides is crucial to both avoiding vendor lock-in and ensuring a diverse software ecosystem, while simultaneously ensuring long-term application compatibility._", said [Tim Pearson](, CTO and Founder.

"_OpenPOWER architecture provides us the flexibility, stability, and software compatibility essential in delivering next generation self-sovereign silicon from the edge to the DC. We've joined the OpenPOWER foundation, because Solid Silicon's chips are built on OpenPOWER architecture and we believe in the benefits of open solutions and the communities building them_", says [Todd Rooke](, CEO and Founder.

The OpenPOWER Foundation looks forward to collaborating with Solid Silicon,
in developing new and exciting POWER based silicon through open standards and community driven collaboration.

Learn more about [Solid Silicon](