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title: Getting Started Guide
date: 2022-07-15
draft: false

The OpenPOWER Foundation has overhauled its entire infrastructure to better serve the needs of our community.
We have implemented a number of new systems that will make it easier for both members and non-members to engage
and collaborate with the OpenPOWER Foundation.
All of the systems OpenPOWER Foundation uses are fully Open Source Software running on POWER servers.

This quick guide provides the community an introduction to our infrastructure and communication channels and how to easily engage.

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title: I still have a question or a problem!
date: 2022-07-15
draft: false

For any contact please use the [contact form](/contact/) and select the right contactee for quicker response time.

- If you have a specific question to the Board of Directors, please select the "_Board of Directors_" option.
- For any membership questions, updates or additional informataion, please select the "_Membership_" option.
- If you have any event, workshop, activities, sponsorship questions, please select the "_Event / Activities_" option.
- For any marketing questions , please select "_Marketing_" option.
- If you have a press inquiry, please select the "_Press_" option.
- If you are a member or a participant in our technical community, please select the "_Steering Committee_" option.
- I need to update our public member details, such as company name, logo, description,
please use the [OPF Git Repo](, create an PR or issue.

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title: Connect with us
weight: -8000
date: 2022-07-15
draft: false

We recommend you join our OpenPOWER Foundation Discussion forum, as it is the primary means of communication.
The OpenPOWER Foundation hosts our own [Discourse server](
You can sign up and access all of the workgroups, birds of feather, and special integration workgroups.
_*Note that some of the workgroups are open to members only._
For members, please use your OpenPOWER Foundation passport to login and get access to member content.

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title: Follow us on social
weight: -7000
date: 2022-07-15
draft: false

Follow us on our social channels:

- [Twitter](
- [LinkedIn](
- [Facebook](
- [Youtube](
- [WeChat](

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title: How to engage with the foundation
weight: -5000
date: 2022-07-15
draft: false

The main area of collaboration occurs within our Workgroups.
The [Workgroup page](/groups/) lists out the current OpenPOWER Foundation working groups.

Clicking on one of the workgroups brings you to the main area explaining what the workgroup focuses on,
who is the current chair, along with the associated resource links to engage.
Depending on the workgroup these links might be private for members only and will require you to login using your OpenPOWER Passport ID.

Participation in the development and decision-making process is open to anybody in the technical community.
We strongly encourage developers to engage with our projects directly on a technical level.

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title: Join our Chat platforms, such as Slack, IRC, MatterMost
weight: -6000
date: 2022-07-15
draft: false

All of our communication channels are bridged, so whichever preferred method you choose whether it be through Slack, IRC, or our own Mattermost server,
you will be kept up to date.

- Join [Slack](
- Join [OPF Chat](
- Join us on IRC, on or OFTC

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title: Check if your Organization is already a Member
weight: -9000
date: 2022-07-15
draft: false

The OpenPower Foundation is open to all, but some of our workgroups and material are for members only.

To check if your company is a member, head over to our [members page](/members/).
If your company is already a member, than [sign up for your OPF passport](/passport/).
The OpenPOWER Foundation passport is used to access ALL materials and channels within the OpenPOWER Foundation.

If you would like to become a member please review our [membership benefits page](/join/)
and follow the [link to sign up]( as a member.

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title: Not a member, but interested in joining?
wieght: -1000
date: 2022-07-15
draft: false

* Organizations and Individuals may complete the [membership application](/join/).

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title: How to participate as a Member
weight: -4000
date: 2022-07-15
draft: false

The OpenPOWER Foundation is a **member-supported** organization.
[Our members](/members/) provide 100% of the financial support for our activities.
This enables us to host technical workshops and other events to drive innovation around the POWER architecture.

### First steps for new members

After becoming a new [member](/members/).

- Please send your exact company name for display with your logo and company description to [](
- Please encourage your coworkers to request an [OpenPOWER Passport](/passport/) and start participating.

Please use the [contact form](/contact/) for any questions or issues related to membership.

### The Governing Board

The OpenPOWER Foundation is managed by the [Board of Directors](/boardofdirectors/),
comprised of member representatives, the TSC chair, and the Marketing Committee chair.

Although the Board of Directors delegates day-to-day technical governance to the TSC,
it is responsible for setting the high-level policies which govern our workgroups.

In addition, the Board of Directors is responsible for managing the organization's budget. The Board of Directors meets monthly.

### The Steering Committee

The [Technical Steering Committee](/steeringcommittee/) is in charge of the day-to-day governance
of the working groups and the techincal aspects of the foundation.
The TSC Chair and each working group chair is part of the steering committee.
Please use the [contact form](/contact/) for getting in touch or any questions related to working groups.

#### The Marketing Committee

The Marketing Committee is responsible for coordinating outreach activities and for responding to inbound requests.
All OpenPOWER Foundation members are welcome to participate on Marketing Committee meetings and activities.
Please use the [contact form](/contact/) for getting involved or any questions related to marketing.

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