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title: Welcome OpenPOWER Foundation's new President and Board Directors
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date: 2022-04-04
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Today, we are pleased to welcome the OpenPOWER Foundation's new President, Meow Yee, as well as the new Silver and Academic board member representatives, David Calderwood and Lance Albertson.

The OpenPOWER Foundation is committed to an open, community-driven technology development process, which is critical to the continued growth of open collaboration around the POWER architecture. Our new leadership team has deep technical and business acumen on the POWER platform, and are committed to driving the POWER architecture and ecosystem forward.

"_I would like to personally welcome Meow, David, and Lance onto the Board of the OpenPOWER Foundation and look forward to working with them to grow the OpenPOWER ecosystem_", said [James Kulina](, Executive Director, OpenPOWER Foundation.

Meow Yee, is currently the Director, China Power Partnerships & Business Development, for Power Systems at IBM.

"_I'm delighted and honored to join the OpenPOWER Foundation board. I look forward to collaborating with the OpenPOWER community who are passionate about open innovation. Workgroups such as the POWER ISA, LibreBMC SIG have made significant contributions to open hardware and software development. Collectively we will grow this ecosystem further for shared benefit across our community_",

said [Meow Yee](, Director, POWER Systems at IBM.

Lance Albertson is the Director for the Oregon State University Open Source Lab (OSUOSL). He is also the OPF HUB workgroup lead, focused on providing free POWER based systems to OSS projects for development work in porting and maintaining support for the POWER platform.

"_I believe it's important to provide a platform for FOSS projects to develop and maintain support for the POWER ecosystem. The [OSU Open Source Lab]( has been an integral academic supporter of the POWER ecosystem for over ten years with collaboration starting with IBM and more recently with the OpenPOWER Foundation. Since 2017, we have also collaborated with the [Center for Quantitative Life Sciences]( (CQLS) at Oregon State University to also include improved support for ppc64le and GPU-enabled software, especially in the realm of life sciences and the FOSS ecosystem._",

said [Lance Albertson](, Director Open Source Lab, Oregon State University.

David Calderwood, is the Chairman of [Red Semiconductor Ltd](, a new and exciting company developing next generation silicon based on the POWER architecture. They are commercializing the unique open source LibreSoC work around new vector instructions.

“_The OpenPOWER instruction set architecture is ideal for embedded computing applications as well as its traditional strength in high-performance Computing applications. The OpenPOWER Foundation encourages its member companies to contribute to enhancements to the ISA, and provides a robust framework ensuring ecosystem-wide compatibility of hardware, software and development tools. At RED Semiconductor we are contributing to the Foundation's ISA Technical Workgroup with our vectorisation instruction prefix that our Vantage chipset will exploit, and I'll be supporting other members in presenting their own optimisations of the OpenPOWER ISA._”

said [David Calderwood](, Chairman, Red Semiconductor Ltd.

The OpenPOWER Foundation looks forward to working with them on the Board of Directors and through their continued efforts within our working groups. We are all committed to developing new and exciting POWER based solutions through open standards and community driven collaboration.

You can learn more about our new board members on the [OpenPOWER Foundation's website](

James Kulina
Executive Director, OpenPOWER Foundation