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title: OCP China Day 2023
author: Inspur Power Systems
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date: 2023-25-08
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OCP China Day 2023 | Inspur Power Commercial Systems joins hands with OPF to accelerate the implementation of POWER open source, open innovation

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On August 10, the 2023 Open Computing China Community Technology Summit (OCP China Day 2023) with the theme of "Open Momentum: Intelligent, Scalable, and Sustainable" was held in Beijing. In the age of wisdom, computing diversification, application diversification, and technological complexity are driving a new round of transformation in the data center. The open source and open community has become an important force to promote continuous innovation in the data center. Through global collaboration and innovation, we will work together to solve the problem of data center infrastructure. Major issues such as iteration and sustainable development.

Five open communities gather, open source and openness break the boundaries of innovation

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Meow Yee, Chairman of the OpenPOWER Foundation

The deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy, as well as the digital world and the physical world, is driving data centers to accelerate innovation. However, increasingly complex technologies and new applications make it increasingly difficult for information technology service providers and enterprises to control the comprehensive innovation of data centers. Various open source and open communities with global collaboration as the core purpose have emerged as the times require, and have gradually become an important force for data center innovation.

In consideration of the coordinated development of data center software and hardware, cross-community cooperation has been increasingly valued by open source community leaders and members. This summit brought together community leaders from five open communities and organizations, including OCP, OCTC Open Computing Standard Working Committee, OpenPOWER Foundation (OPF), Dragon Lizard Community, and CXL Technology Alliance , to discuss how to build a highly collaborative software and hardware environment from different perspectives. Data center infrastructure.

Meow Yee, chairman of the OpenPOWER Foundation (OPF) , said that open computing makes hardware agile innovation possible, and its value has been repeatedly verified in the past ten years. The OpenPOWER Foundation is committed to fully exploring the leading technical advantages of OpenPOWER-related assets such as Power ISA, Open FirmWare, and Power Cores, actively uniting member organizations all over the world, and building a more open, collaborative and win-win ecosystem, which not only accelerates innovation in the open hardware industry, but also At the same time support and accelerate the innovation of open source software.

As digital technology becomes more and more complex, the progress of the community depends on inheriting and carrying forward the spirit of open source and openness. Through a friendly and smooth collaborative development process and a complete community governance mechanism, while strengthening cross-community cooperation and sharing, and constantly expanding the boundaries of innovation.

Open Computing Accelerates Hardware Innovation, and the Power Technology Ecosystem Is Gradually Perfecting

The rise of open computing has greatly accelerated the pace of hardware innovation. The unique mode of technological innovation and exquisite design thinking are the core of open computing's continuous growth, while the construction of standards is the basis for the implementation of open computing. Thanks to open computing's equal emphasis on the development of technology and standards, more and more users can enjoy the dividends of open technology, and the spirit of open source and openness is more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

In fact, more and more OCP community members and users are paying more and more attention to technical solutions for sustainable development of data centers, and sustainable development has become a community consensus. The OpenPOWER Foundation promotes open innovation through core technologies such as open processors, memory interconnection interfaces, and peripheral device interconnection interfaces, as well as specifications, compliance testing, and product SIGs, and provides open ecological hardware and software services for more than 300 members. , to jointly build the Power ecosystem, promote community collaboration and win-win results, and achieve sustainable development.

With the open source of Power Instruction Set Architecture (ISA), Power has become the only commercial architecture with a completely open system in the industry. Relying on OpenPOWER technology, Inspur commercial machines participate in processor customization and Open Consistent Acceleration Processor Interface (OpenCAPI) and open OMI and other design technology research and standard formulation, fully exploit Power's leading enterprise-level computing capabilities, and independently design and develop three generations of ten products covering distributed storage, high-performance computing, high-density computing, big data computing and other fields The remaining Inspur K1 Power FP series servers accelerate the implementation of Power architecture innovations.

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Yang Xu Deputy General Manager of Inspur Commercial Machinery Co., Ltd.

The new-generation Inspur K1 Power FP5280G3 server, which adopts industry-leading dual-chip module technology and many other innovative technologies, also appeared in the OCP China Day exhibition area, which can flexibly respond to application requirements such as " general computing, large-capacity storage, hierarchical storage, and IO-intensive" , favored by the participants.

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The new generation of Inspur K1 Power FP5280G3 server attracts attention

As a member of the OpenPOWER Foundation, Hexin Technology Co., Ltd., based on the open source RISC instruction set architecture, has completed the assimilation and innovation of Power processor source codes and patents, and has developed domestic and international leading high-end server processor chips. The HX-C series has a leading virtualization platform and heterogeneous expansion capabilities. Inspur Commercial Machines has joined hands with Hexin Technology to create Inspur K1 Power CP series nationally-produced servers based on HX-C domestic processors, which will further promote the high-quality development of China's ICT industry.

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Xu Yue Hexin Technology Co., Ltd. chip business leader

Driven by the idea of collaborative development of software and hardware, the integration of open source software and open hardware is accelerating, and open source technology will profoundly change the division of labor and cooperation mode of the global IT industry. In the future, more and more cross-community cooperation will further break the boundaries of innovation, and endow infinite possibilities for business innovation with a more open data center.

Since 2019, OCP China Day has become an annual event where industry leaders discuss open computing technology and innovation. This summit is hosted by OCP, the world's largest open computing community, and organized by Inspur Information. It focuses on issues such as data center infrastructure innovation and sustainable development, open computing innovation and ecological construction, and community collaborative innovation . Community leaders including the Committee, OpenPOWER Foundation (OPF), Dragon Lizard Community, CXL Technology Alliance, etc., technical experts, industry experts, and more than a thousand IT engineers and data center practitioners participated in the conference.