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title: Codee
vendor: Codee
criteria: 1
image: codee.png
link: https://www.codee.com
- software
- static code analyzer
- programming
- performance
- C++
- Fortran
date: 2017-10-26
draft: false

Codee is a software development tool that provides automated code inspection specifically designed to improve the performance of C/C++/Fortran applications. It provides a systematic predictable approach to optimize C/C++/Fortran source code for the target environment. The tool scans the C/C++/Fortran source code without executing it, and produces a report for the developer indicating the issue, its location, why it penalizes performance, and how to fix it in order to make the code run faster. It is designed to interoperate with CI/CD systems.

Codee provides a performance optimization report with human-readable actionable items: opportunities, recommendations, defects and remarks. It annotates CPU and GPU codes with OpenMP, OpenACC and compiler-specific directives. It also detects defects in these directives, enabling the early detection of race conditions and data movement issues.

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title: Parallelware Analyzer
vendor: Appentra
criteria: 1
image: parallelwareanalyzer.png
link: https://www.appentra.com/products/parallelware-analyzer/
- software
- analyzer
- programming
date: 2017-10-26
draft: true

Parallelware Analyzer is a suite of command-line tools aimed at helping software developers to build better quality parallel software in less time.
Designed around the needs of developers, Parallelware Analyzer provides the appropriate tools for the key stages of the parallel development workflow,
aiding developers with code analysis that would otherwise be error-prone and completed manually.
It can also be easily integrated with DevOp tools to benefit from its automatic usage during Continuous Integration.

The unmatched state-of-the-art static code analysis capabilities of the Parallelware technology address the complexity of
parallelism from three different perspectives :
- finding parallel defects in the code
- discovering new opportunities for parallelization in the code
- generating parallel-equivalent code that enables tasks to complete in less time

The Parallelware analysis completes quickly and enables real-time static code analysis for the development of correct parallel software.