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title: 'HUB SIG'
wgtype: sig
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- lancealbertson
participation: 'Public'
#cadence: Bi-weekly US/EU alternative TZ
# web:
# ics: webcal://
# mattermost:
# slack:
# irc: '#openpower-hub on'
date: 2022-06-03
draft: false

The HUB SIG is a workgroup whose purpose is to enable the process of porting to OpenPOWER,
this SIG will enable the porting, conversion, and testing of open source on OpenPOWER.

This SIG will provide resources for these efforts by levering Providers to enable open source to gain access to
OpenPOWER resources for the purpose of porting, converting, and maintaining open source resources to be enabled on OpenPOWER.

The HUB SIG will create processes, documentation, code and how-to guides to assist in OpenPOWER enablement.
In addition to these documents, the HUB SIG will provide resources that enable the porting, conversion and maintance
throught Providers that have resources available to assist open source in this effort.

The purpose of the HUB SIG is to be a central place where a public open source project can reach out to for help.
It is up to the HUB SIG to assist these projects in their endavour to OpenPOWER.

The scope of the HUB SIG is the creation of a central place for OpenPOWER porting.
The SIG will do this by providing documentation, code, and resources to enable the porting, converting, and maintaining
of open source on OpenPOWER.

The HUB SIG will create documentation on how to enable open source on OpenPOWER.
It will do this in a way to enable all features, and options available on OpenPOWER.
This documentataion will be made publically available and be distributed within several open source communities.

In addition the HUB SIG will be a workgroup that evangalises the adoption of OpenPOWER
through technical documentation and resource availability.

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title: Lance Albertson
member: oregonstateuniversity
nickname: ramereth
date: 2022-06-03
draft: false