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# WEBSITE : OpenPOWER Foundation #
This repository is the source that builds the static front public website of the OpenPOWER Foundation.
## Static Site ##
This repository is the source used by [HugoCMS]( to build the OpenPOWER public facing website.
## License ##
This repository has multiple open source licenses, all permissive.
Any logos, images, trademarks, specifications are property of their respective owners.
The OpenPOWER Foundation has registered trademarks and uses trademarks.
For a list of trademarks of the OpenPOWER Foundation, please see our Trademark and Logo Usage Guidelines.
- assets : [Creative Commons CC-BY-4.0](assets/LICENSE) License
- config : [Apache Version 2.0](config/LICENSE) License
- content : [Creative Commons CC-BY-4.0](content/LICENSE) License
- data : [Creative Commons CC-BY-4.0](content/LICENSE) License
- static : [Creative Commons CC-BY-4.0](static/LICENSE) License
- themes : [Apache Version 2.0](theme/LICENSE) License