Remove "note" markup from section 2.3.5

This markup was causing overflow into the footer, and marking this
as a note was really unnecessary, so this is not a substantive change.

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Bill Schmidt 4 years ago
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@ -7751,9 +7751,6 @@ stw r9, 0(r11)</programlisting>
<para>Due to fusion hardware support, the preferred code forms are
destructive<footnote xml:id="pgfId-1139524">
<para>Destructive in this context refers to a code sequence where
@ -7766,8 +7763,6 @@ stw r9, 0(r11)</programlisting>
high-order bits followed immediately by a destructive load using
the same target register as the addis instruction to load data from
a signed 32-bit offset from a base register.</para>
<para>For TOC-based PIC
code (see <xref linkend="dbdoclet.50655240_page77" /> and
<xref linkend="dbdoclet.50655240_19926" />), the offset in the
@ -7829,9 +7824,6 @@ stw r9, 0(r11)</programlisting>
If it has an unsigned immediate operand (for example, ori), use
symbol@got@<emphasis role="bold">h</emphasis>. For a description of high-adjusted values, see
<xref linkend="dbdoclet.50655241_51269" />.</para>
<section xml:id="dbdoclet.50655240_88555">
<title>Function Calls</title>