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title: 'Accelerator TWG'
title: Accelerator TWG
wgtype: twg
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participation: 'Member'
participation: Member
git: https://git.openpower.foundation/accelerator/
discussion: https://discuss.openpower.foundation/c/twg/accelerator/
meetingminutes: https://meetingminutes.openpower.foundation/accelerator/
web: https://discuss.openpower.foundation/c/twg/accelerator/31/l/calendar
ics: webcal://discuss.openpower.foundation/c/twg/accelerator/l/calendar.ics
mattermost: https://chat.openpower.foundation/opf/channels/accelerator
irc: '#openpower-accelerator on irc.libera.chat'
date: 2021-12-28
slack: https://app.slack.com/client/T443QD9JA/C02GBQ657Q8
irc: '#openpower-accelerator on irc.libera.chat'
files: https://files.openpower.foundation/apps/files/?dir=/Accelerator&fileid=458
kanban: https://kanban.openpower.foundation/b/EeZfegyWesJfz6w4s/accelerator
date: 2022-03-14
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The Accelerator Technical Working Group will be a persistent, standing group that defines, documents, manages, and maintains standards
which define the interfaces between the processor and accelerator devices and their associated development tools.
This includes hardware, firmware and any other software require for accelerators to operate within OpenPOWER compliant systems.
It will also identify future requirements and propose innovations to the interfaces to enable advances in accelerator capabilities and
work with other working groups as appropriate.
The Accelerator Technical Working Group will be a persistent, standing group that focuses on
memory acceleration, application acceleration and low level accelerator details.
It will work with other open standards such as the Open Compute Project (OCP), OpenCAPI Consortium, Compute Express Link (CXL)
and others to define POWER implementations of those standards.

Current activities include collaborating with the OCP HPC SubProject on the creations of a Power10 and Xilinx VP1802 HPCM Modules,
that both support OMI and OpenCAPI.
The objective is to create a Summit like supercomputer with a very large memory capacity and bandwidth.
It will get Power10 into an open community and help work to be done on Power10 with OMI, OpenCAPI using the HPCM module.