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title: "21unity Joins OpenPOWER Foundation"
date: "2020-04-06"
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Today, we are pleased to announce that 21unity, a cloud service provider based in Dieburg, Germany, has joined the OpenPOWER Foundation as a Silver member.
The OpenPOWER Foundation is committed to an open, community-driven technology development process, which is critical to the continued growth of open collaboration around the POWER architecture.
“OpenPOWER Foundation is pleased to welcome 21unity to the foundation and our community, and look forward to our collaboration in community-driven open development that broadens customer computing choice”, said [ James Kulina ] (, Executive Director, OpenPOWER Foundation.
21unity has built and released its own collaborative cloud platform called 21unity Collaboration Cloud. It features an out of the box and always available Nextcloud Enterprise (files, chat / video, agile boards, mail, contacts, calendar) and also includes an ERP system called 21pro.
“21unity presents itself as a solution finder, developer and treasure hunter. We thrive on making our customers happy by matching their needs with unexpected and simple solutions, operated in our own data centers. Our portfolio includes services and infrastructure solutions such as compute units (HPC clusters), storage, databases, OpenStack, container solutions based on Kubernetes as well as new technologies in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data and Internet of Things based on OpenPOWER”, said [ Anja Gondolf ] (, CEO and Founder.
“OpenPOWER helps us tackle typical challenges like scalability, high availability and stability of our infrastructure. Weve joined the OpenPOWER foundation, because 21unitys Cloud is built on OpenPOWER architecture and we believe in the benefits of open solutions and the communities building them”, says [ Christopher Branston ] (, Head of Marketing.

The OpenPOWER Foundation looks forward to collaborating with 21unity, in developing new and exciting POWER based solutions through open standards and community driven collaboration.
Learn more about [ 21unity ] (