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#!/usr/bin/env python
# This is a little test program so I could work out how multiple clock
# domains work. Not really part of this project but a handy refrence
from nmigen import *
from enum import Enum, unique
class clocks(Elaboratable):
def __init__(self):
# LPC clock pin
self.lclk = Signal()
self.counter = Signal(8)
self.lcounter = Signal(8)
def elaborate(self, platform):
m = Module()
lclk = ClockDomain("lclk")
# hook up lclk port to lclk_domain
m.d.comb += self.lclk.eq(ClockSignal("lclk"))
m.d.sync += self.counter.eq(self.counter + 1)
m.d["lclk"] += self.lcounter.eq(self.lcounter + 1)
return m
# --- TEST ---
from nmigen.sim import Simulator
dut = clocks()
def bench():
for _ in range(10):
def lbench():
for _ in range(10):
sim = Simulator(dut)
sim.add_clock(1e-8) # 100 MHz systemclock
sim.add_clock(3e-8, domain="lclk") # 33 MHz LPC clock
sim.add_sync_process(bench, domain="sync")
sim.add_sync_process(lbench, domain="lclk")
with sim.write_vcd("clocks.vcd"):