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# OpenPower Firmware Documentation #
# libreBMC README #

This repository will contain all documentation for the [OpenPower](http://openpowerfoundation.org/) open source software
that's being released to support the POWER ecosystem.
This repository will contain the high level documentaion for libreBMC

As always is the case with documentation, it usually needs some updates. So feel free to do it yourself :) or touch
base with us on the mailing lists.
This will include the following:

It is recommended that you first read the [Hostboot Programmers
Guide](https://github.com/open-power/docs/blob/master/hostboot/HostBoot_PG.md) and the [OCC Overview](https://github.com/open-power/docs/blob/master/occ/OCC_overview.md) and see the code structure overview and videos shown at the [OpenPower build repo](https://open-power.github.io/op-build/). These documents will give you an
overview of the OCC, Hostboot firmware and some pointers on the source code.

# OpenPOWER Hardware Documentation #
Details on POWER8 and POWER9 hardware designs can be found at the [IBM Portal for OpenPOWER](https://www.ibm.com/systems/power/openpower/welcome.xhtml).
1. The goals of the project
2. An overall architecural picture and description
2. The various pieces needed (hardware, firmware, gateware, software)
3. Links to pitches and presentations on libreBMC