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Todd Rosedahl 2 years ago
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@ -21,6 +21,8 @@ To do this, we need the following pieces:
* We currently power on our prototype with scripts. OpenBMC is not running.
* https://git.openpower.foundation/librebmc/openbmc_for_AC922.git
7. **Bring-up of the AC922 with the DC-SCM card running OpenBMC on the FPGA**
* Create build instructions for pulling the entire FPGA image together
* Boot the AC922
* Verify all functions
* Prove there are no performance/timing issues
* Need tests defined
@ -31,4 +33,3 @@ So far we did a prototype where we used the xylinx A7 FPGA on a custom breadboar
Need to add here:
1. An overall architecural picture and description. TBD
2. Links to pitches and presentations on libreBMC. TBD
3. Build instructions on how to pull it all together.