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title: Meeting Minutes 2022-12-13
date: 2022-12-13
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## Call to order

### Anti-trust reminder

This is a reminder that all OpenPOWER Foundation activities are subject to strict compliance with the OpenPOWER Foundations Antitrust Guidelines. Each individual participant and attendee at this meeting is responsible for knowing the contents of the Antitrust Guidelines, and for complying with the Antitrust Guidelines. Copies of the Antitrust Guidelines are available at : [HERE](

## Agenda

1. **OSU OpenShift**
* No update since Dec 6 meeting
2. **OFP Form and RT Integration (TOP PRIORITY)**
* **TODO: Waiting on Tosh to implement their backend and test access**
* ETA : EOW 49 (this week)
* **TODO: Lance will email Tosh for an update**

3. **Explore other providers**
* No update since Dec 6 meeting

4. **Baremetal access for members**
* No update since Dec 6 meeting
* TODO: Tosh will talk with Todd

5. **POWER10 support for HUB**
* Need an "official" response for projects as they will be asking
* Use of IBM loaners a possibility?
* Yes, but need IBM approval
* No Bare-metal access
* Requires having integration with OpenStack finished and ready
* We are guessing by possibly March 2023 we could have capacity

## Next meeting

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