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OpenPOWER Foundation Workgroup Charter

OPF Workgroup Charter
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\section{Workgroup name}

HUB \acrfull{STIG}


Reference the OpenPOWER Foundation \acrshort{IPR} Policy and OpenPOWER WorkGroup Process for additional term definitions.

``Provider" is an Eligible participant of the workgroup that has been elected by Full Majority Vote to provide OpenPOWER resources
to the Open Source community for the purpose of enabling, promoting, converting, porting, and testing open source on OpenPOWER.


The HUB \acrshort{STIG} is a workgroup whose purpose is to enable the process of porting to OpenPOWER,
this \acrshort{STIG} will enable the porting, conversion, and testing of open source on OpenPOWER.
This \acrshort{STIG} will provide resources for these efforts by levering Providers to enable open source to gain access to
OpenPOWER resources for the purpose of porting, converting, and maintaining open source resources to be enabled on OpenPOWER.\par

The HUB \acrshort{STIG} will create processes, documentation, code and how-to guides to assist in OpenPOWER enablement.
In addition to these documents, the HUB \acrshort{STIG} will provide resources that enable the porting, conversion and maintance
throught Providers that have resources available to assist open source in this effort.\par

The purpose of the HUB is to be a central place where a public open source project can reach out to for help.
It is up to the HUB to assist these projects in their endavour to OpenPOWER.\par


The scope of the HUB \acrshort{STIG} is the creation of a central place for OpenPOWER porting.
The \acrshort{STIG} will do this by providing documentation, code, and resources to enable the porting, converting, and maintaining
of open source on OpenPOWER.\par

The HUB \acrshort{STIG} will create documentation on how to enable open source on OpenPOWER.
It will do this in a way to enable all features, and options available on OpenPOWER.
This documentataion will be made publically available and be distributed within several open source communities.\par

In addition to the documentation, the HUB \acrshort{STIG} will work with Providers to make resources, such as but not limited to
Cloud Server Hardware
FPGA based Hardware
GPU based Hardware
Specialized hardware
Software distributions

In addition the HUB \acrshort{STIG} will be a workgroup that evangalises the adoption of OpenPOWER
through technical documentation and resource availability.\par

\section{Similar Activities}

Accelerator Workgroup : may work with to define the requirements for open tooling needed to complete the implementation of OpenPOWER
Memory Workgroup : defines the requirements for OpenPOWER Memory adoption, such as OMI
HW Architecture Workgroup : maintains the hardware architecture specifications that may be needed for new development
System Software Workgroup : owns definition, documentation, and maintenance of the firmware, Linux and other software on OpenPOWER
Development Platform Workgroup : defines the reference architecture of future OpenPower systems


Any open source project that plans to run on OpenPOWER.

\section{Work Product}

Documentation for adoption of, porting to, converting to OpenPOWER
Code, such as patches for OpenPOWER, to be pushed to the upstream project
Ensure maintaining open source enablement of OpenPOWER


Build documentation on adoption of, porting to, converting to OpenPOWER
Assist in code patching of open source to OpenPOWER
Assist in maintenance of open source on OpenPOWER
Provide resources for open source to OpenPOWER



Participation and voting right requirements are as outlined per the OpenPOWER Work Group Process.\par

A minimum of two Eligeble Participant will be required to be a Providers.
Providerss will have the responsibility to make resources available for open source to consume for the purpose of
porting, adopting, maintaining, or enhancing OpenPOWER.\par

\section{Work Group Convener}

Lance Albertson (OSU) - Toshaan Bharvani (VanTosh)

\section{Meeting Plan}

Lance will convene the first meeting.\par

The first meeting will be at 18:00 CET on the second Thursday after the TSC and BoD approve the formation of the SIG.
Subsequent meetings will be held bi-weekly alternating between 18:00 CET Thursday and 00:00 CET Tuesday to accommodate participants in all time zones.


Oregon State University
Lance Albertson ()
Raptor Computing Systems
Timothy Pearson (
Toshaan Bharvani (
Paul Lecocq (
Alexey Stepanov (

\section{Balloting Approval Requirements}

Standard WG Process applies with the following specific requirements with respect to Providers :
Election of Providers will be by Full Majority Vote.
A Provider can be removed from their position as Provider by Full Majority Vote as well.
The initial Providers will be voted in the first meeting.

\section{Member Organization Support}

Member organization support will be confirmed as part of the approval process.

\section{Anticipated Contributions}


\section{IPR, Confidentiality \& Licensing}

The following sections may not be modified after chartering. Changes require closing and submitting a new charter.

\subsection{Confidentiality Mode}


\subsection{IPR Policy}

Code Mode

\subsection{Open Source Licensing Mode}

Apache License, v2.0\par

All Code contributed to the WG by a WG Member or WG Party shall be licensed to OpenPOWER under Apache License, V2.0
with the condition that the patent license granted in Section 3 of the License, as applied to the ``Work", hereby
includes implementations of the Work in physical form.\par

Code contributed to the WG by a WG member or WG party may be licensed to OpenPOWER under a future open hardware license with
WG, TSC, and Board approval.\par

All contributions to the WG's git repository must include a developer certificate of originality.
Non-Eligible person contributions to the git repository are bound to a Guest Participation Agreement.
The Guest Participation Agreement for this WG is agreement to the terms of the OS license as defined in the OS Licensing Mode and
documented in the license file within the WG's git repository.\par

The Guest Participation Agreement is agreed to automatically upon any contribution to the WG's git repository.
Any contributions made outside the WG's git repository by a non-Eligible person must include a signed
Contribution / Feedback License as defined in Section 7.1 and Appendix A of the OpenPOWER IPR Policy.
Alternatively this WG can provide a Guest Participation Agreement to be signed per Section 7.2.\par

The executed Contribution / Feedback License or Guest Participation Agreement must be sent to\par

As a default position, all Code that is, or is made part of, an OpenPOWER Deliverable shall be licensed out by OpenPOWER under one of the following
licenses and shall at least be provided in source code form.
The selected license will include or be accompanied by a clarification that any necessary license rights for the POWER \acrshort{ISA} comes from
the POWER \acrshort{ISA} license and is not granted under the selected license for the OpenPOWER Deliverable.
Apache License, V2.0 with the condition that the patent license granted in Section 3 of the License, as applied to the ``Work",
hereby includes implementations of the Work in physical form.
a future open hardware license with WG, TSC, and Board approval.

\subsection{Open Source Communities}

This WG may accept Code from the following OS Communities under their respective licenses.

This WG may accept or contribute Code from/to additional OS Communities with approval by the WG, TSC, and Board.
Any code accepted from or contributed to approved OS Communities must be under a Permissive License such as
Apache License, v2.0, 2 or 3 clause BSD, MIT, ISC, or other OS license approved by the WG, TSC, and Board.

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%%% Common Acronyms
\newacronym{IPR}{IPR}{Intellectual Property Rights}
\newacronym{SIG}{SIG}{Special Integration Work Group}
\newacronym{TWG}{TWG}{Technical Work Group}
\newacronym{STIG}{STIG}{Special Technical Integration Group}

%%% Specific Acronyms

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