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title: ADG Workshop 2022
author: Ganesan Narayanasamy
date: 2022-12-05
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Since its founding in 2013, OpenPOWER Foundation membership has grown to more than 300+ including roughly 100+ academic members; the latter have formed an Academic Bird of a Feather (BoF), previously Discussion Group, and have been running several workshops workshops worldwide and enabling students, faculties and developers in Chip development to AI, Hybrid Cloud and big data solutions. ADG team hosted 8th workshop coinciding with SC in Dallas on Nov 12th 2022.

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During a packed one day event, presenters from academia and industry examined progress and opportunities to leverage OpenPOWER technology. The workshops primary goals, say organizers, were to facilitate networking and improve technical knowledge of ADG members on relevant OpenPOWER. It also focused on creating a platform for commercial OpenPOWER members to explore opportunities for collaborating with ADG members.
Workshop conveners included Prof Dr Sameer Shende (Research Professor and Performance Lab Director at University of Oregon),Ganesan Narayanasamy (OpenPOWER Academia BoF Chair).

Representatives from IBM, University of Oregon, Virginia Tech, Oregon State University, UT Dallas, Werner Enterprises, Ohio State University, Object Automation System Solutions, NJIT, Intel, X-Scale Solutions, TU-DELFT, University of Michigan and many more discussed their contributions to the OpenPOWER in terms of POWER Processor architecture Curriculum, Performance Engineering around POWER, Open Source Base board management controller, Enterprise AI solutions, Distributed Deep learning solutions, along with development and scalability of application areas include AI and HPC. There was a special session about OpenPOWER Hub where two Hub providers such as University of Oregon and Oregon State Unviersity discussed about how students, researchers and developers can get access to the hub and collaborate on developing applications using the POWER platform.
All of the presentations as well as recorded talks may be downloaded from our event page.
[OpenPOWER Academic BoF Workshop Event Page](

OpenPOWER, of course, is in large measure the IBM-driven effort where one can develop a complete secured open hardware. As summarized by Dr Sameer Shende, _“Member companies are enabled to customize POWER processors and system platforms for optimization and innovation for their business needs. These innovations include development of custom systems and processor for special super computers, or advanced hardware technology exploitation.”_

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According to the participants, the workshop showcased ADG and several participants interest in the rapidly expanding OpenPOWER ecosystem and their intention to play a visible role.