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Jean-François Nguyen 7aaeff1122 pfv: add configurable memory alignment constraints.
Before this commit, the `mem_aligned` parameter assumed a 64-bit data
bus when set to True.
2 years ago
microwatt_cli pfv: add configurable memory alignment constraints. 2 years ago cores/microwatt: rename CLI tool (microwatt → microwatt_cli). 2 years ago
checks.pfv cores/microwatt: temporarily disable the liveness check. 2 years ago

Additional prerequisites

A version of Microwatt with POWER-FV support is available here:

git clone -b powerfv src


Enter/exit the Python virtualenv

poetry shell

python -m microwatt_cli -h


Run commands from a file

python -m microwatt_cli -c checks.pfv

Run commands interactively

python -m microwatt_cli -i