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Jean-François Nguyen 89be0e6737 Add support for remote builds over SSH.
The Amaranth build system already supports remote builds over SSH.
This commit integrates it to the 'build' command.

* update dependencies
* add paramiko as a dependency (the SSH library used by amaranth)
2 years ago
Jean-François Nguyen ec7cfdd719 cores/microwatt: move microwatt.py to its own python module.
* update dependencies.
* add amaranth-soc as a dependency, in order to reuse its bus
  interfaces (e.g. Wishbone).
* add a `prog` argument to PowerFVSession that overrides the name of
  its CLI.
2 years ago
Jean-François Nguyen 1e93621f95 Use poetry to manage python dependencies. 2 years ago