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GHDLFLAGS=--std=08 -Psim-unisim
CFLAGS=-O2 -Wall
all = core_tb soc_reset_tb icache_tb dcache_tb multiply_tb dmi_dtm_tb divider_tb \
rotator_tb countzero_tb wishbone_bram_tb
# loadstore_tb fetch_tb
all: $(all)
%.o : %.vhdl
$(GHDL) -a $(GHDLFLAGS) $<
common.o: decode_types.o
control.o: gpr_hazard.o cr_hazard.o common.o
sim_jtag.o: sim_jtag_socket.o
core_tb.o: common.o wishbone_types.o core.o soc.o sim_jtag.o
core.o: common.o wishbone_types.o fetch1.o fetch2.o icache.o decode1.o decode2.o register_file.o cr_file.o execute1.o loadstore1.o dcache.o writeback.o core_debug.o
core_debug.o: common.o
countzero_tb.o: common.o glibc_random.o countzero.o
cr_file.o: common.o
crhelpers.o: common.o
decode1.o: common.o decode_types.o
decode2.o: decode_types.o common.o helpers.o insn_helpers.o control.o
execute1.o: decode_types.o common.o helpers.o crhelpers.o insn_helpers.o ppc_fx_insns.o rotator.o logical.o countzero.o multiply.o divider.o
fetch1.o: common.o
fetch2.o: common.o wishbone_types.o
glibc_random.o: glibc_random_helpers.o
plru_tb.o: plru.o
sim_bram.o: sim_bram_helpers.o utils.o
wishbone_bram_wrapper.o: wishbone_types.o sim_bram.o utils.o
wishbone_bram_tb.o: wishbone_bram_wrapper.o
icache.o: utils.o common.o wishbone_types.o plru.o cache_ram.o utils.o
icache_tb.o: common.o wishbone_types.o icache.o wishbone_bram_wrapper.o
dcache.o: utils.o common.o wishbone_types.o plru.o cache_ram.o utils.o
dcache_tb.o: common.o wishbone_types.o dcache.o wishbone_bram_wrapper.o
loadstore1.o: common.o helpers.o
logical.o: decode_types.o
multiply_tb.o: decode_types.o common.o glibc_random.o ppc_fx_insns.o multiply.o
multiply.o: common.o decode_types.o
divider_tb.o: decode_types.o common.o glibc_random.o ppc_fx_insns.o divider.o
divider.o: common.o decode_types.o
ppc_fx_insns.o: helpers.o
register_file.o: common.o
rotator.o: common.o
rotator_tb.o: common.o glibc_random.o ppc_fx_insns.o insn_helpers.o rotator.o
sim_uart.o: wishbone_types.o sim_console.o
soc.o: common.o wishbone_types.o core.o wishbone_arbiter.o sim_uart.o wishbone_bram_wrapper.o dmi_dtm_xilinx.o wishbone_debug_master.o
wishbone_arbiter.o: wishbone_types.o
writeback.o: common.o crhelpers.o
dmi_dtm_tb.o: dmi_dtm_xilinx.o wishbone_debug_master.o
dmi_dtm_xilinx.o: wishbone_types.o sim-unisim/unisim_vcomponents.o
wishbone_debug_master.o: wishbone_types.o
UNISIM_BITS = sim-unisim/unisim_vcomponents.vhdl sim-unisim/BSCANE2.vhdl sim-unisim/BUFG.vhdl
sim-unisim/unisim_vcomponents.o: $(UNISIM_BITS)
$(GHDL) -a $(GHDLFLAGS) --work=unisim --workdir=sim-unisim $^
fpga/soc_reset_tb.o: fpga/soc_reset.o
soc_reset_tb: fpga/soc_reset_tb.o fpga/soc_reset.o
$(GHDL) -e $(GHDLFLAGS) soc_reset_tb
core_tb: core_tb.o sim_bram_helpers_c.o sim_console_c.o sim_jtag_socket_c.o
$(GHDL) -e $(GHDLFLAGS) -Wl,sim_bram_helpers_c.o -Wl,sim_console_c.o -Wl,sim_jtag_socket_c.o $@
fetch_tb: fetch_tb.o
$(GHDL) -e $(GHDLFLAGS) $@
icache_tb: icache_tb.o
$(GHDL) -e $(GHDLFLAGS) -Wl,sim_bram_helpers_c.o $@
dcache_tb: dcache_tb.o
$(GHDL) -e $(GHDLFLAGS) -Wl,sim_bram_helpers_c.o $@
plru_tb: plru_tb.o
$(GHDL) -e $(GHDLFLAGS) $@
loadstore_tb: loadstore_tb.o
$(GHDL) -e $(GHDLFLAGS) $@
multiply_tb: multiply_tb.o
$(GHDL) -e $(GHDLFLAGS) $@
divider_tb: divider_tb.o
$(GHDL) -e $(GHDLFLAGS) $@
rotator_tb: rotator_tb.o
$(GHDL) -e $(GHDLFLAGS) $@
countzero_tb: countzero_tb.o
$(GHDL) -e $(GHDLFLAGS) $@
simple_ram_tb: simple_ram_tb.o
$(GHDL) -e $(GHDLFLAGS) $@
wishbone_bram_tb: sim_bram_helpers_c.o wishbone_bram_tb.o
$(GHDL) -e $(GHDLFLAGS) -Wl,sim_bram_helpers_c.o $@
dmi_dtm_tb: dmi_dtm_tb.o sim_bram_helpers_c.o
$(GHDL) -e $(GHDLFLAGS) -Wl,sim_bram_helpers_c.o $@
tests = $(sort $(patsubst tests/%.out,%,$(wildcard tests/*.out)))
check: $(tests) test_micropython test_micropython_long
check_light: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 test_micropython test_micropython_long
$(tests): core_tb
@./scripts/ $@
test_micropython: core_tb
test_micropython_long: core_tb
rm -f *.o work-*cf unisim-*cf $(all)
rm -f sim-unisim/*.o sim-unisim/unisim-*cf
distclean: clean
rm -f *~ fpga/~