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library IEEE;
use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all;
package vcomponents is
-- Global JTAG signals. Xilinx implementation hooks that up to
-- their internal JTAG tap, we just expose them for the testbench
-- to use. These are used by our BSCANE2 block.
type glob_jtag_t is record
reset : std_logic;
tck : std_logic;
tdo : std_logic;
tdi : std_logic;
tms : std_logic;
sel : std_logic_vector(4 downto 1);
capture : std_logic;
shift : std_logic;
update : std_logic;
runtest : std_logic;
end record glob_jtag_t;
signal glob_jtag : glob_jtag_t;
component BSCANE2 is
generic(jtag_chain: integer);
port(capture : out std_logic;
drck : out std_logic;
reset : out std_logic;
runtest : out std_logic;
sel : out std_logic;
shift : out std_logic;
tck : out std_logic;
tdi : out std_logic;
tms : out std_logic;
update : out std_logic;
tdo : in std_logic
end component BSCANE2;
component BUFG is
port(I : in std_logic;
O : out std_logic
end component BUFG;
end package vcomponents;