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Joel Stanley fcdc01aa05 flash-arty: Re-add support for running from any path
The changes in d3c274d01e ("flash-arty: Add support for specifying the file type")
added a local jtagspi.cfg, which meant openocd must be run from the root
of the microwatt directory.

This puts the content into the xilinx-xc7.cfg so the script can be used
from any path again.

Signed-off-by: Joel Stanley <>
4 years ago
Benjamin Herrenschmidt d3c274d01e flash-arty: Add support for specifying the file type
By default openocd tries to "guess" the file type and interpret
it accordingly. For example it will detect an ELF file based on
the presence of an ELF header and will try to load the relevant
segments into the flash.

This may not be what we want. For example, I want to load the raw
ELF file into the flash.

Additionally the ELF parser in most distro's OpenOCD version
only supports ELF32 and will error out.

This adds a "-t" argument to flash-arty to allow us to specify the
file format. For example "-t bin" will treat the file as raw binary.

Unfortunately I had to copy and modify jtagspi.cfg from OpenOCD
to achieve this.

Signed-off-by: Benjamin Herrenschmidt <>
4 years ago