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This describes how to build the tool on Fedora, and on Debian which lacks a packaged
liburjtag as of mid 2020.

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Joel Stanley 4 years ago
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CFLAGS = -O2 -g -Wall -std=c99
# CFLAGS += -I urjtag/urjtag/include/ -L urjtag/urjtag/src/.libs/

all: mw_debug

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mw_debug is the microwatt debugger.

It can talk to the simulator using a socket.

On an Arty board it uses the FTDI device via liburjtag.

## Building on Fedora

dnf install urjtag-devel

If you commonly use it against one target, create an alias as follows:
alias mw="$HOME/microwatt/scripts/mw_debug/mw_debug -b jtag"
$ mw gpr 0 10
Connected to libftdi driver.
Found device ID: 0x0362d093
r0: 0000000000001094
r1: 0000000000001ed0
r2: 000000000000a000
r3: 0000000000000003
r4: 000000000000000d
r5: 00000000ffff2ca5
r6: 00000000ffff3eb8
r7: 0000000000000000
r8: 00000000ffff3c33
r9: 0000000000000003
Core: running
NIA: 00000000000011d4
MSR: 8000000000000001

## Building on Debian

Debian disables the library in the urjtag package. Instead, build against
local urjtag:

sudo apt install libftdi-dev
git clone urjtag
cd urjtag/urjtag

And then uncomment the following line in Makefile to build against that copy

CFLAGS += -I urjtag/urjtag/include/ -L urjtag/urjtag/src/.libs/

To run:
alias mw="LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$HOME/microwatt/scripts/mw_debug/urjtag/urjtag/src/.libs/ $HOME/microwatt/scripts/mw_debug/mw_debug -b jtag"
$ mw
Connected to libftdi driver.
Found device ID: 0x0362d093
Core: running
NIA: 00000000000011b8
MSR: 8000000000000001