dcache: Simplify logic in RELOAD_WAIT_ACK state

Since the expression is_last_row(r1.store_row, r1.end_row_ix) can only
be true when stbs_done is true, there is no need to include stbs_done
in the expression for the reload being completed, and hence no need to
compute stbs_done in the RELOAD_WAIT_ACK state.

Signed-off-by: Paul Mackerras <paulus@ozlabs.org>
Paul Mackerras 3 years ago
parent eb7eba2d92
commit 4c11c9c661

@ -1458,18 +1458,11 @@ begin
end case;

-- Requests are all sent if stb is 0
stbs_done := r1.wb.stb = '0';

-- If we are still sending requests, was one accepted ?
if wishbone_in.stall = '0' and not stbs_done then
-- That was the last word ? We are done sending. Clear
-- stb and set stbs_done so we can handle an eventual last
-- ack on the same cycle.
if wishbone_in.stall = '0' and r1.wb.stb = '1' then
-- That was the last word ? We are done sending. Clear stb.
if is_last_row_addr(r1.wb.adr, r1.end_row_ix) then
r1.wb.stb <= '0';
stbs_done := true;
end if;

-- Calculate the next row address
@ -1500,7 +1493,7 @@ begin
end if;

-- Check for completion
if stbs_done and is_last_row(r1.store_row, r1.end_row_ix) then
if is_last_row(r1.store_row, r1.end_row_ix) then
-- Complete wishbone cycle
r1.wb.cyc <= '0';