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library ieee;
use ieee.std_logic_1164.all;
library work;
use work.wishbone_types.all;
-- TODO: Use an array of master/slaves with parametric size
entity wishbone_arbiter is
NUM_MASTERS : positive := 3
port (clk : in std_ulogic;
rst : in std_ulogic;
wb_masters_in : in wishbone_master_out_vector(0 to NUM_MASTERS-1);
wb_masters_out : out wishbone_slave_out_vector(0 to NUM_MASTERS-1);
wb_slave_out : out wishbone_master_out;
wb_slave_in : in wishbone_slave_out
end wishbone_arbiter;
architecture behave of wishbone_arbiter is
subtype wb_arb_master_t is integer range 0 to NUM_MASTERS-1;
signal candidate, selected : wb_arb_master_t;
signal busy : std_ulogic;
busy <= wb_masters_in(selected).cyc;
wishbone_muxes: process(selected, candidate, busy, wb_slave_in, wb_masters_in)
variable early_sel : wb_arb_master_t;
early_sel := selected;
if busy = '0' then
early_sel := candidate;
end if;
wb_slave_out <= wb_masters_in(early_sel);
for i in 0 to NUM_MASTERS-1 loop
wb_masters_out(i).dat <= wb_slave_in.dat;
wb_masters_out(i).ack <= wb_slave_in.ack when early_sel = i else '0';
wb_masters_out(i).stall <= wb_slave_in.stall when early_sel = i else '1';
end loop;
end process;
-- Candidate selection is dumb, priority order... we could
-- instead consider some form of fairness but it's not really
-- an issue at the moment.
wishbone_candidate: process(all)
candidate <= selected;
for i in NUM_MASTERS-1 downto 0 loop
if wb_masters_in(i).cyc = '1' then
candidate <= i;
end if;
end loop;
end process;
wishbone_arbiter_process: process(clk)
if rising_edge(clk) then
if rst = '1' then
selected <= 0;
elsif busy = '0' then
selected <= candidate;
end if;
end if;
end process;
end behave;