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Magic Incantations for Litex Integration

Litex General

add local platform

from platforms import cmod7

add local core

binPath = os.path.dirname(os.path.realpath(__file__))
sys.path.append(os.path.join(binPath, 'a2p'))
from a2p import A2P
from litex.soc.cores import cpu
cpu.CPUS['a2p'] = A2P

add local modules

sys.path.append(os.path.join(binPath, 'modules'))

add extra UARTs (GPIO)

  • must add PHY and UART to CSR
self.submodules.uart_1_phy = RS232PHY(pins, sys_clk_freq, 115200, with_dynamic_baudrate=True)
self.submodules.uart_1 = UART(phy=self.uart_1_phy)
  • dynamic baudrate allows setting it in csr

    • tuning_word = int((baudrate/clk_freq)*2**32)

    • in bios

      • #define CONFIG_CLOCK_FREQUENCY 100000000
      • or read freq with config_clock_frequency_read()
      • access csr with generated UART_1 funcs
    • 115200=004B7F5A (4947802)

    • 9600=00064A9C (412316)

add 'CSR Definition' CSR for indirectly addressing CSRs, so that code doesn't need to change when gateware rebuilt

  • add a 'CSR Definition' region at constant location (like CSR_BASE)

    • contains list of CSRs which point to and define CSRs available

    • Base Addr: 24 bits, Identifier: 8 bits

    • also could self.add_constant(ID) for each, so that software can use constants to check Identifier

    • needs to be able to reserve its region, then find out what's been built and add its regs before finalize()

allow lxterm and lxserver to share main uart (crossover)

Litex RTL

add verilog module to top, between top-level bus and I/Os (slave)

from issiram import ISSIRam

sram_bus = wishbone.Interface()
pins = platform.request('issiram')
# to rename pins
mem = {
         'ce': pins.cen,
         'oe': pins.oen,
         'we': pins.wen,
         'adr': pins.addr,
sram = ISSIRam(self, ClockSignal(), ResetSignal(), sram_bus, mem)
self.submodules.sram = sram
self.bus.add_slave('sram', sram_bus, SoCRegion(origin=self.mem_map['sram'], size=sram.size))"SRAM {} {} {}.".format(
   colorer("added", color="green"),

add verilog module to top, with connections to other top-level signals

add Litex L2 between WB and verilog module