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// © IBM Corp. 2020
// Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License"), as modified by
// the terms below; you may not use the files in this repository except in
// compliance with the License as modified.
// You may obtain a copy of the License at
// Modified Terms:
// 1) For the purpose of the patent license granted to you in Section 3 of the
// License, the "Work" hereby includes implementations of the work of authorship
// in physical form.
// 2) Notwithstanding any terms to the contrary in the License, any licenses
// necessary for implementation of the Work that are available from OpenPOWER
// via the Power ISA End User License Agreement (EULA) are explicitly excluded
// hereunder, and may be obtained from OpenPOWER under the terms and conditions
// of the EULA.
// Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, the reference design
// distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT
// WARRANTIES OR CONDITIONS OF ANY KIND, either express or implied. See the License
// for the specific language governing permissions and limitations under the License.
// Additional rights, including the ability to physically implement a softcore that
// is compliant with the required sections of the Power ISA Specification, are
// available at no cost under the terms of the OpenPOWER Power ISA EULA, which can be
// obtained (along with the Power ISA) here:
`timescale 1 ns / 1 ns
// Description: XU CPL - Configurable Flush Delay Counter
`include "tri_a2o.vh"
module xu_fctr
parameter CLOCKGATE = 1,
parameter PASSTHRU = 1,
parameter DELAY_WIDTH = 4,
parameter WIDTH = 2
input clk,
input rst,
input force_t,
input thold_b,
input sg,
input d_mode,
input delay_lclkr,
input mpw1_b,
input mpw2_b,
input scin,
output scout,
input [0:WIDTH-1] din,
output [0:WIDTH-1] dout,
input [0:DELAY_WIDTH-1] delay,
inout vdd,
inout gnd
// Latches
wire [0:DELAY_WIDTH-1] delay_q[0:WIDTH-1];
wire [0:DELAY_WIDTH-1] delay_d[0:WIDTH-1];
// Scanchains
localparam delay_offset = 0;
localparam scan_right = delay_offset + DELAY_WIDTH*WIDTH;
wire [0:scan_right-1] siv;
wire [0:scan_right-1] sov;
// Signals
wire [0:WIDTH-1] set;
wire [0:WIDTH-1] zero_b;
wire [0:WIDTH-1] act;
genvar t;
for (t=0;t<=WIDTH-1;t=t+1)
begin : threads_gen
wire [0:DELAY_WIDTH-1] delay_m1;
assign set[t] = din[t];
assign zero_b[t] = |(delay_q[t]);
assign delay_m1 = delay_q[t] - {{DELAY_WIDTH-1{1'b0}},1'b1};
if (CLOCKGATE == 0) begin : clockgate_0
assign act[t] = set[t] | zero_b[t];
assign delay_d[t] = ({set[t], zero_b[t]} == 2'b11) ? delay :
({set[t], zero_b[t]} == 2'b10) ? delay :
({set[t], zero_b[t]} == 2'b01) ? delay_m1 :
if (CLOCKGATE == 1) begin : clockgate_1
assign act[t] = set[t] | zero_b[t];
assign delay_d[t] = (set[t] == 1'b1) ? delay :
if (PASSTHRU == 1)begin : PASSTHRU_gen_1
assign dout[t] = zero_b[t] | din[t];
if (PASSTHRU == 0) begin : PASSTHRU_gen_0
assign dout[t] = zero_b[t];
tri_rlmreg_p #(.WIDTH(DELAY_WIDTH), .INIT(0), .NEEDS_SRESET(1)) delay_latch(
assign siv[0:scan_right - 1] = {sov[1:scan_right - 1], scin};
assign scout = sov[0];