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* updated source to remove a bunch of Verilator warnings
* updated source for compatibility with Icaraus -g2012
* changed the GPR/FPR macro to remove need for clk4x on FPGA; was ugly and not working with either simulator

* changed arrays to use clk1x
* refactored nclk[] to separate clk, rst signals and removed lcb's from clock path
* Verilator

* can IFETCH some ops in ST and SMT2 mode
* can't get cocotb to build with Verilator (very long compile times)
* too big(?) to build with verilator --public with cocotb
* executing boot code and tst with a2o_litex wrapper

* Icarus (w/cocotb)

* executing boot code until test call with python A2L2 interface
* executing boot code and tst with core/node/a2o_litex

* Yosys

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## Next To Do

* create A2L2 cpp model that can be used by Verilator and cocotb (Cython wrapper)
* eventually; don't need right now if can skip to RTL for A2L2

* create simple A2L2-WB RTL for easily connecting to Litex, etc.
* version 1 is pre-WB; uses RAM interface which could be sim driver or BRAM

* create Litex core wrapper
* create Cython code for sharing between cocotb and verilator tb
* OpenLane experiments with blackbox arrays and yosys/abc/sta
* create FPGA version of GPR/FPR (4R4W) using (4)4R1W banks and *valid* table
* parse vcd/fst and serve browser code for custom trace screens (handle spec/arch mapped facilities, arrays, etc.)

#### node

* test BE/LE versions; kernel can stay BE until jump to BIOS; any problem with BIOS to initial ROM copy/zero or is it always words?